Weekday Madrasah

This branch of our Madrasah is open to the local community (West Hendon, Colindale, Burnt Oak, and Kingsbury).  

Pupils are taught a comprehensive Islamic Syllabus including Quran, Surah and Duaa’ memorisation, Islamic Studies (Safar Academy), and daily Islamic rituals such as Salah and Wudu.

Saturday Madrasah

Saturday Madrasah is specifically for Secondary age pupils who have graduated from our Weekday branch to continue their Islamic knowledge in further depth. Pupils have access to experienced teachers including male/female scholars to help answer questions and provide Pastoral Support. External applicants can also join. Please click on the Admissions tab to apply.

Tahfeedh Class

Our Hifdh programme is open to boys over the age of 8 years old. Applicants are assessed over a 2–3 week period during which teachers will check for the applicant’s suitability such as Hifdh retention, behaviour, attendance, punctuality, etc. If successful, there is a 3-month probation period before a child is fully admitted to this course. Our Tahfeedh class takes place in Hendon Masjid.